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Business Management Seminars

1.1 Strategic Choice

A one-day seminar for managing directors and operations directors outlining the strategic choices available and the impact of their decisions on their businesses.

The programme includes a resume of World Class Manufacturing, East versus West, attacking the cost structure, customer orientation, achieved through a focus on business cycles.

The course literature includes case studies and a bibliography.

1.2 Corporate Planning I-AN Overview

Part one of the corporate planning programme introduces the elements of identifying the planning gap, preparing future actions, assigning tasks and accountability, and creating a timetable to achieve a quantifiable target. The course identifies the principles, the information required and the costs using a real-life study.

Corporate Planning II – the action

Part two involves the application of the programme to individual companies. A explic8 consult will act as Retained Planning Officer throughout the period of the plan, meeting regularly with the signed Corporate Planning Director, and planning team (usually MD, FD, Marketing, Sales, Production and Distribution Directors).

This system approach is proven, not just by producing tangible results, but actually in forecasting dangers, and is sufficiently flexible to respond immediately to changing market situations. Grant funding is available to qualifying companies.

1.3 Managing Change

A one-day seminar for directors and senior managers to heighten their awareness of the change process and its dynamics throughout their business.

The seminar will illustrate the foundations and building blocks that must be in place to successfully manage change through an organisation.

1.4 Logistics

A one-day seminar for directors and senior managers to heighten their awareness of the tools and techniques available to the modern manager. The programme includes an introduction to logistics and its core themes, responses to customer demand from all business functions, an appreciation to fast flow manufacturing techniques and measures for success for the integrated business.

1.5 Fast flow manufacturing

A one-day seminar for operations and manufacturing managers to introduce them to the fast flow manufacturing philosophy and its tools and techniques.

The programme includes lead-time reduction, process flexibility, change-over time reduction, set-up time reduction, process flows and plant topography.

1.6 Total quality management perspective

This one-day seminar for senior managers provides an overview of the objectives, core themes, concepts, task areas, tools, techniques and approach to implementation of TQM. This can be supported by a series of additional modules, including a Quality  Attitudes Survey, a Quality Issues session and the Total Quality game, which is participative, group-based company simulation exercise providing an opportunity to apply the concepts of TQM.

1.7 Implementing ISO 9000

This module explains the purpose and benefits of a Quality Management System and the requirements of ISO 9000.  It then explains the approach to build and implementing the Quality Management System in terms of identifying, analysing, enhancing and documenting procedures necessary to gain accreditation to ISO 9000, at same time as fostering commitment to the programme.

1.8 Effective overhead planning

A one-day seminar for senior managers, especially Managing Directors, Finance Directors and Operations Directors, explaining the major challenge behind achieving productivity improvements within “indirect” areas and their associated costs.

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