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Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

Operational excellence isn’t a single solution but rather an approach to leadership, problem-solving and processes that foster positive, sustainable change and innovation across your operations to maintain competitive advantage.

Once synonymous with manufacturing, operational excellence has become a popular approach in diverse environments, from professional services to retail and pharmaceutical.

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Expert advice, tools and training to drive your business further

  • Business Process and Value Stream Mapping
    Our experts take a holistic look at your end-to-end processes to identify areas for improvement and growth that add value to your business. This diagnostic process helps define the pathway forward and create a road map for your operational excellence strategy.
  • Lean Six Sigma Implementation
    A popular approach to process improvement, Lean Six Sigma helps you eliminate waste and errors, driving value across your organisation. Our expert team supports you to define your strategy and implement this methodology at all levels, engaging people and improving processes to embed a culture of continuous improvement.
  • ERP/MRP System Implementation
    An effective ERP/MRP solution enables you to coordinate disparate data and information sources to get an accurate, real-time understanding of where your business sits, operationally and financially. We have extensive experience implementing integrated solutions that dramatically improve reporting, processes and output to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • BMS & QMS Implementation
    We can help you plan and effectively implement compliant building management systems (BMS) and quality management systems (QMS). Our experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors enabled us to build a specific, expert toolkit to deliver systems in any environment.
  • True Cost Analysis & Portfolio Optimisation
    Analysing your costs and your portfolio will help you to fully understand your current state and identify opportunities for significant growth. Our expert team can help you understand your data and constraints and implement the most appropriate portfolio optimisation tools to drive maximum value across the organisation.
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
    Our team has extensive experience in supply chain management, and we start by taking an in-depth look at your existing supply chain, risks and challenges. We then help you implement a best-practice approach to reduce waste and costs, make better use of resources, improve productivity and manage risk in an increasingly uncertain landscape.
  • Vendor Management
    Building and increasing vendor management capability will enhance your operations, ensuring you have appropriate and timely access to the resources you need. We help you define and embed processes and behaviours that improve vendor management, cut costs, and improve organisational productivity.

Don’t take our word for it

We’ve helped organisations across the globe to achieve a variety of strategic outcomes. From helping a leading medical device company to achieve financial outcomes and increase its share price to driving record performance for a luxury goods company, Explic8 has a proven track record.

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Test Your Operational Excellence

Test Your Operational Excellence

Curious about how efficient your business operations are? Take our quick OPEX test (abridged version) to gain valuable insights and discover areas for improvement. Our assessment evaluates key aspects of your operations, providing you with a clear understanding of your organisation's efficiency level.

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