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What are your Pain Points in your Road Map to OPEX?

  • A Compelling Case for Change?

    • Why are we doing this?
    • Why do we have to change?
    • What are the consequences of not changing?
    How we can help
  • The Vision of the Future?

    • Where are we going on this journey?
    • How do we know when we get there?
    • How do we measure success?
    How we can help
  • The Road Map?

    • Do we have a Road Map?
    • How do we move from where we are to where we want to be?
    • What kind of roadblocks or obstacles or detours will we have to face?
    How we can help
  • The Team?

    • Do we have confidence in the team?
    • Can they lead us through the road map to where we want the business to be?
    How we can help
  • Leadership Support?

    • Do we have strong leadership?
    • Without strong leadership the initiative will never get off the ground.
    • The top of the organisation must express their commitment and provide resources to enable the programme.
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  • Resource Constraints?

    • All organisations express that they don’t have enough resources to start a new initiative.
    • Successful Opex results in a more efficient way of working and the better utilisation of staff.
    • So if you don’t have time for Opex, you really need Opex!
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  • Siloed Thinking?

    • Opex requires cross functional input and thinking.
    • It must be implemented through cross functional teams.
    • There is no place for protectionism or politics or self interest.
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  • Ineffective Communication?

    • Communication gaps between different teams or levels of the organisation can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and inefficiencies in decision-making and problem-solving.
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  • Lack of Employee Engagement?

    • Employees are the experts.
    • They know the problems.
    • They know the real solutions.
    • Use their experience and brains to solve the problems.
    • Implement their ideas and they will take ownership.
    How we can help
  • Inadequate Skills & Training?

    • Learning any new skill requires training and a support network in which to grow and develop.
    • The training programme must be targeted at all levels of the organisation.
    • The lean training programme must make all employees lean practitioners and empower them to refine and improve business processes.
    How we can help
  • Prioritisation?

    • Where do we start?
    • How do we decide which problem to solve first?
    • How do we avoid initiative overload - the same team working on all of the project teams?
    How we can help
  • Inefficient Processes?

    • How do we identify inefficient processes?
    • Clients may struggle to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their operational processes, resulting in wasted time, resources, and increased costs.
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  • Lack of Standardised Procedures?

    • Without clear and standardised procedures, customers may face challenges in achieving consistency and quality across their operations.
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  • Poor Data Management?

    • It is critical that all Opex initiatives are based on data.
    • Managing and utilising operational data ineffectively can lead to difficulties in analysing trends, identifying issues, and making data-driven decisions.
    • Data that relates to the current state and data that relates to the target state.
    • We must be able to measure our progress along the journey.
    How we can help
  • Cultural Barriers?

    • We may require a Significant Cultural Change in order to enable Opex.
    • Culture is one of the hardest things to change to be successful.
    • A Continuous Improvement culture means no fear of failure - an openness and willingness to take ownership and drive positive change.
    • The culture must empower people at all levels in the organisation to drive for positive change.
    How we can help
  • Resistance to Change?

    • No-one likes to change, and the natural fallback is back to BAU (business as usual).
    • We have to identify who is resistant (overtly or covertly) and if we can, change them into Champions.
    How we can help
  • Sustainability?

    • Building a sustainable model for continuous improvement can be a massive challenge to any organisation.
    • For this reason, the toolkit for implementation must be simple and scalable.
    • The change should be sponsored from the top of the organisation and driven from the bottom.
    • It has to continue to operate after the consultants leave.
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Our Road Map to Business Transformation

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Understanding Clients Needs / What do you want to achieve?

  • We ask Questions.
  • We listen to your answers.
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Where do the Roadblocks Lie?

  • Understanding where you think the issues are.
  • “What’s stopping you?”
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Defining the Problem

  • We define the problem with the client.
  • We create a problem statement.
  • “No assumptions”
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Understanding the size of the problem

  • Measure it, analyse it
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Developing a Solution

  • We develop a solution with the client that the client is happy to implement.
  • We do not walk away leaving a fat report for the client to figure out what to do with it.
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We agree a Proposed Solution

  • We agree with the client a Proposed Solution.
  • We set out timescale/costs/resources required.
  • Client decision to proceed.
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We implement Project Governance

  • Key Stakeholder identification
  • Project Structure – Steering Committee, Project Teams
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  • explic8 does the heavy lifting reducing the load on client staff.
  • We deliver tangible results – “We Do NOT Fail”
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  • 30/60/90 Day Plans.
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Close Out

  • Sign off to client satisfaction.
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  • We engage with people to ensure the new ways of working are sustainable into the future.
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Ongoing Surveillance

  • At a frequency to suit the client’s desire and ability to monitor progress.
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The Road Map to Business Transformation

Together, we could be dangerous.

The Explic8 Team has a combined 140+ years of business experience. Our Directors take a hands-on role in every Explic8 engagement, harnessing this experience to help you drive your business further.


Below is a selection of testimonials that showcase the experiences and satisfaction of our valued clients.

Here, you’ll discover firsthand accounts of the exceptional service and value we provide.

These testimonials offer insights into the impact our involvement has had on our customers businesses.

Explore the authentic and inspiring stories shared by individuals who have experienced trust, reliability, business transformation and operational excellence.

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Since Explic8 came to work with us, we have undertaken many changes that have helped the manufacturing processes within the business. We now operate in a leaner fashion, essentially the factory works smarter, not harder. This has all resulted in everyone being keen to keep ideas flowing, and find that next step in our journey, with Continuous Improvement always at the forefront.

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We developed a partnership with Explic8 which transformed our EU MDR program for the better. The team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the project management field and the medtech space. They understand the importance and magnitude of a regulation change to the medical device industry and how good project management skills can make or break the implementation. They are highly organised, efficient, and supportive, they make you self-sufficient so you to go from strength to strength when they leave.

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Working with Explic8 accelerated our understanding of MRPeasy and allowed us to fully utilise the functionality of the system. Taking the business to the next level, our systems evolved during implementation – the Explic8 team advised and collaborated with our team to ensure the processes were both relevant and effective. The training was adapted for our new processes and very well-documented for future reference. I would particularly like to praise the Explic8 team leader Harry Ferris, he made potentially dry training days interesting and highly productive. We would not hesitate to use Explic8 to continue to develop our MRPeasy system and feel very well supported for any future eventuality.


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