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Quality Management and Risk Compliance Consultants

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, quality management, risk management and compliance are vital pillars of every organisation.

The correct responses aren’t just critical for risk mitigation and safety; they are core drivers of innovation and service excellence. Regardless of your industry or operating environment, we can support you in implementing appropriate systems, frameworks, processes and tools to ensure your business is ready for whatever is next.

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Respond to the challenges and opportunities of your environment

  • Quality Management Systems Implementation (QMS)
    Implementing abest-practice quality management system ensures you comply with regulatory requirements, improves efficiency, cuts costsand assists continuous improvement while increasing customer satisfaction. We can help you identify and implement the right approach for your organisation.
  • ISO Standards Implementation and Compliance
    With more than 21,000 ISO Standards, identifying appropriate standards and maintaining compliance can be difficult. We have extensive expertise in helping organisations navigate this complexity and reduce costs, selecting the correct standards and designing, implementing and training your people in systems to manage compliance.
  • Risk Management
    Most risk manifests itself in unexpected areas that are not monitored or assessed by standard risk programmes. Our experts take an in-depth look at your operating environment, internal and external forces, and local, national and global sources of risk to identify trends, create workable continuity strategies and prepare your organisation to respond.
  • Audit Readiness, Preparation & Training
    In today’s heavily regulated environments, audits can be a resource-intensive and stressful process that significantly impacts productivity. We can help you prepare for your next audit, train your people, and ensure your operations are efficient and compliant.
  • Remediation Solutions
    As industry regulations increase, it is not uncommon for an organisation to find itself on the wrong side of an audit outcome – and remediating can be a complex and time-consuming task. Our team has more than 80 years’ collective experience navigating remediation, including strategy execution, programme governance design, technical and compliance support, and communication to regulatory bodies and your executive.

Don’t take our word for it

We’ve helped organisations across the globe to achieve a variety of strategic outcomes. From helping a leading medical device company to achieve financial outcomes and increase its share price to driving record performance for a luxury goods company, Explic8 has a proven track record.

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