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What is MRPeasy?

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What is MRPeasy?

MRPeasy is a cloud-based material resource planning software (MRP) which encompasses elements such as customer relations management, shop floor production, production planning, stock control and standard accounting functionality. The software is aimed to help small to medium-sized manufacturers acquire the power of larger planning software platforms at a cheaper, more accessible price-point.

The simple principles of MRPeasy are:

  • Customer order is created.
  • Products are scheduled utilising bill of materials, routings and capacity planning.
  • Stock is purchased for the production schedule.
  • Production data is captured on the shop floor in real-time.
  • Materials are consumed for production.
  • Finished goods are shipped to the customer.
  • Invoices are created and sent.
  • Accounts are reconciled.

Usually, this is all conducted in separate software packages and Excel spreadsheets spread across many functions inside an organisation, while MRPeasy aims to consolidate all of these functions into one system.

What features does MRPeasy include?

There are seven distinct sections inside MRPeasy:

  • Dashboard
  • Customer Relations Management
  • My Production Plan
  • Production Planning
  • Stock
  • Procurement
  • Accounting

MRPeasy Menu Options

Each menu contains further features such as order processing, invoicing, sales management, bills of materials, routings, stock movement, stock lot tracking, vendor management.

Dashboard – provides an overview of predetermined KPIs set by the MRPeasy software. Gives the user a quick access panel of useful information.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) – centred around customer information such as customer files, orders and contact information. From here we can create a multitude of invoicing files such as quotations, order confirmations, Pro-forma and standard invoices.

My Production Plan – allows access to shop floor operators to follow predetermined production operations, report material usage and record production output. There are two levels to the production plan, the simple “Internet Kiosk”, and the more advanced “My Production Plan”.

Production Planning – includes the master schedule, bills of materials and routings that make up the production planning capabilities of MRPeasy. The production schedule will be created taking into account the production capabilities of workstations – locations where operations occur.

Stock – MRPeasy utilises stock lot tracking to ensure that all purchases or production of items are costed accurately and precisely from the time they were created. This combined with in-depth stock movement reports, requirement reporting, and stock item reports allows for a powerful combination of stock control features.

Procurement – manage purchase orders, supplier information, statistics, and stock purchase terms including pricing levels which can help your business manage its supply chain more effectively. There is a forecasting functionality that can help make-to-stock manufacturers understand how production will affect inventory including the ability to generate required purchase orders.

Accounting – a standard accounting module is included inside MRPeasy that allows the reconciliation of manufacturing profit and loss accounts, reporting for tax and also viewing payroll information. With integrations possible into popular accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks.

If you would like to read more about what an MRP system is and the functionality of the MRPeasy software please visit the following page from our partner for more information:



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