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The Importance of MRPeasy in Managing Your Inventory and Supply Chain for Small to Medium-Sized Manufacturers


What is MRPeasy?

MRPeasy is a comprehensive cloud-based material resource planning (MRP) software designed to streamline production planning, scheduling, and inventory control. It combines various functions such as customer relations management, production planning, stock control, and procurement into a unified platform, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses.

Key Features and Capabilities

Customer Relations Management (CRM): MRPeasy enables organisations to manage their customer records, orders and invoicing documentation to provide control and monitoring over customer demand.

Production Planning: MRPeasy offers tools for production scheduling, real-time shopfloor reporting, and material and capacity planning, allowing businesses to efficiently plan and manage their manufacturing processes.

Inventory Control: The software provides real-time inventory tracking, enabling businesses to monitor stock levels, control and be notified to re-order points, manage the status of stock and provide traceability of materials through stock-lot management.

Procurement: The MRPeasy platform enables purchasers to forecast, record, and generate purchase orders and invoicing documentation and manage their vendor records and purchase terms.

Reporting and Analytics: MRPeasy provides small to medium-sized manufacturers with a range of out-of-the-box reports that provide insight into areas such as manufacturing efficiencies, goods shipped and anticipated material requirements.

How MRPeasy Revolutionizes Inventory and Supply Chain Management

MRPeasys cloud-based nature and user-friendly interface make it accessible and scalable for businesses of various sizes. It facilitates better communication among different departments, integrates various business functions, and automates repetitive tasks, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. By moving away from traditional solutions such as Excel for inventory and supply chain management, organisations can expect informed decision-making and a reduction in associated costs by moving away from information being stored in departmental silos.

The Significance of MRPeasy in Inventory Management

Streamlining Inventory Control

MRPeasys real-time inventory tracking helps businesses monitor stock levels accurately, prevent stockouts, and minimise excess inventory, ensuring optimal stock levels at all times. This streamlining of inventory control prevents overstocking and understocking issues, reducing carrying costs and improving cash flow. By integrating with real-time shopfloor reporting, inventory controllers can be confident the stock status denoted inside MRPeasy is up-to-date and accurate.

Stock Lot Traceability

Built into the MRPeasy platform is Stock Lot Tracking which can be considered like a digital signature. Inventory controllers will be provided with the ability to trace batches of materials from procurement to production, customer to dispatch. Each new instance of a material, product, or SKU can be traced, controlled and updated when required.

Inventory Forecasting and Planning

MRPeasy uses production planning data inside the platform to provide insight and reports to help inventory controllers anticipate future material requirements. This capability aids in proactive inventory planning, ensuring that businesses can meet customer demands without overstocking, leading to reduced waste and improved customer satisfaction. MRPeasy also has a Master Production Schedule, that can be used by organisations to plan material requirements into the future, providing inventory and purchasing controllers with a forecast to meet anticipated stock requirements.

Multi-site Production and Storage Locations

The platform provides real-time visibility into inventory across multiple warehouses and production locations (enabled with Enterprise License functionality), enabling businesses to track inventory movement, inventory levels, and capture transfer costs across sites.

Managing Supply Chain with MRPeasy

Enhancing Procurement and Purchasing Processes

MRPeasy enables purchasers to create purchase orders and send invoicing documentation to vendors. The purchasing functionality will provide insights into purchase terms, minimum order quantities, and will pull through pricing based on vendor terms. With additional abilities such as material forecasting and requirements reporting, purchasers can quickly create and edit purchase orders to ensure that inventory is delivered in the right quantities, at the right time, at the right price.

Inbound Quality Control

MRPeasy contains functionality included in the Professional licensing subscription that enables purchasers to command that quality control be conducted on inbound materials from vendors. Through this increased control, data can be captured against vendors on the % Rejection, and total Rejected materials enabling better communication and management of vendors against their associated terms.

Integrations into Shipping Solutions and EDI/API Integration Providers

MRPeasy provides a range of out-of-the-box integrations into a range of platforms commonly used by small to medium-sized manufacturers. To assist with the management of organisational supply chains, MRPeasy can integrate into ShipStation, Ware2Go and Crossfire (API platform integrator). This integration provides organisations with streamlined electronic communication between themselves and their vendors and logistics providers.

In Conclusion

MRPeasy is a robust material resource planning software that can be implemented into small to medium-sized manufacturers to propel themselves onto the right path of managing their inventory and supply chain requirements. By providing easy-to-use standardised processes, accurate real-time information and the ability to proactively forecast material requirements, organisations can look to increase their efficiencies and reduce associated inventory and supply chain costs.

Explic8 are an authorised implementation partner of MRPeasy with a proven track record of assisting SME manufacturers with data gathering, planning, facilitation, set-up and training to ensure that each implementation and roll-out is a major success.

If you would like further information on how we formulate our approach to an MRPeasy implementation please see our services page here. If you’re looking to explore MRPeasy as a solution for your organisation, then feel free to reach out to us via our contact form here.

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