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8.1 Team Building

A five-day workshop for managers who are considering embarking upon, or who are currently involved in, teamwork within their business.

The programme includes an analysis of:-

  • What constitutes a team?
  • Who are good team players?
  • How do we recognise their value to the team?
  • Team dynamics
  • Team leading, and
  • The purpose of teams.

The course is heavily participative with a strong emphasis on allowing the members to practice the theory.

8.2 Team Briefing

A two-day seminar for managers and team leaders.

The programme includes setting up a communications network on a team briefing basis to spread a message in a consistent fashion through an entire organisation.  It evaluates techniques such as use of videos, Fact sheets, company newspapers, notice boards and meetings. It is a strategy based course.

8.3 Manage your team/manage your boss

A two-day workshop designed for managers at any level within any function in the organisation.  It is essential that managers, who are faced with the dilemma of upward and downward communications, are skilled in its resolution.

The programme is designed to equip the managers with the necessary inter-personal skills and business disciplines required for success.

8.4 Team leader training

This module examines the role of a team leader within a business and allows participants to build a definition of that role using sporting analogies, to which almost everyone can relate, thereby ensuring that the definition is clearly understood.

The course then continues to consider the interpersonal skills and leadership qualities required by the team leader and the tools and disciplines essential for success.  The course is ideal for employees who are about to become, or may already be, team leaders.

8.5 Basic principles of supervisory management

A series of three two-day modules for any supervisor, regardless of experience or length of service.

The programme is biased strongly towards team building and can provide, if required, individual assessments.  Because of the highly participant nature of this course, it is limited to a maximum of 14 delegates.

The programme includes the management cycle, key result areas, decision making, communication and problem-solving.

8.6 Sales supervisor training

A series of three two-day modules for sales supervisors regardless of experience or length of service.

The programme is biased strongly towards team building and can provide individual assessments if required.

The programme includes target setting, performance monitoring, appraisals, motivation, communication, decision making and problem solving.

This course is suitable for supervisors of sales staff in the office, telesales or in the field.

8.7 Cell leader training

This is a comprehensive course covering all the skills and techniques required by Cell Leaders in a Fast Flow Manufacturing environment.  This is a most important module because an FFM programme can succeed or fail based on the performance of Cell Leaders.

8.8 Leading improvement teams

This series of modules provides essential training for anyone who is already leading, or is about to lead, an improvement team on a project within a quality management culture.  It incorporates the essential learning points behind the philosophy of quality management, together with the important elements of project management.

8.9 Skills profiles

A two-day seminar for personal managers and professional trainers.  The programme provides a comprehensive practical solution to charting the job related skills of a work force and targeting the skills developed towards the work force of the future.

8.10 Trainer training

A five-day workshop for employees who are trainers, about to become trainers or have responsibility for trainers.

The programme explains the learning process that trainees are subjected to, the sensitivity to trainees, needs required by a trainer, a self awareness of the trainer’s inter-personal skills, how to assess training needs, how to validate training given, how to check for understanding, how to assess retention and how to write supporting documentation.

The programme is project management driven.

8.11 User friendly training documentation

A two-day seminar for trainers in writing effective training documents.

The programme undertakes an analysis of processes and activities using flow charting techniques and operator involvement, to record not only the procedure but also the practice.

8.12 Open learning

A one-day seminar for personnel professionals and training managers.

Case studies of open learning techniques currently in existence within British Industry are presented and reviewed.  The relevance and applicability of these techniques to individual businesses is considered in the light of Government Training Grants presently available.

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