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Problem Solving Techniques

7.1 Problem solving in perspective

This is an overview module providing an understanding of the process and tools to support the identification, sizing, understanding and resolution of problems.

7.2 Data manipulation techniques

This module covers a variety of techniques for gathering, analysing and presenting information to support the sizing and understanding elements of the problem solving process.

7.3 Using flow charting techniques

This provides an understanding of various flow charting methods and indicates where each would be appropriate.  This is supported by various groups and individual exercises.

7.4 Using fishbone diagrams

This is where the Ishikawa chart is explained and used by the group to support the problem solving process.

7.5 Root cause analysis

Identifying and removing the root cause of problems is an essential part of ‘right first time’ working.  This module explains how to really get to the bottom of the problem and remove the real cause.  It is certain to stop the problem ever happening again and avoids wasting time and effort managing the symptoms.

7.6 Creative problem solving

A three-day workshop for managers to instruct them in the problem solving process and enhance the probability of successfully creating an environment in which innovation flourishes.

The programme includes an analysis of meeting behaviour, listening skills, recording techniques, idea generation and structured evaluation.

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