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MRPeasy’s Customer Support – What You Need to Know


What is MRPeasy?

MRPeasy is an affordable enterprise resource management (ERP) software for small to medium (SME) sized manufacturers that enables organisations to access the production planning benefits of the more traditional and expensive planning solutions on the market. MRPeasy enables companies to manage their customer order book, production planning capabilities, real-time manufacturing reporting, improve control of their stock and enable more efficient procurement processing.

MRPeasy Customer Support

MRPeasy provides a range of direct and self-service customer support options that organisations can look to utilise to gain better insight into the MRPeasy platform. A further channel of support available to organisations is through MRPeasy’s authorised consultant program, which consists of independent consultancy firms that have been vetted as being MRPeasy experts. Outlined below, is an introduction to the types of customer support MRPeasy offers and a range of positives and negatives associated with each.

User Guides & Tutorial Videos

MRPeasy provides an extensive user guide that covers the wide-range of functionality throughout the platform. Users of the platform can research answers to their questions by navigating to the relevant sections, or by accessing specific subsets of the user guide relevant to each page through the help icon on each screen. It is also possible for users to get up-to-speed with functionality found across the platform by watching the tutorial videos that are openly available, which can be found here.


  • Extensive documentation that users can freely access at any time for further information
  • Video tutorials help visualise how users can interact with the functionality inside the platform
  • Specific help content can be accessed on each menu while navigating inside the MRPeasy platform
  • Users can conduct self-directed learning of the functionality of the platform when required


  • The information provided in the user guide and tutorial videos is generic and limited to the specifics of the functionality
  • Users will not be able to find answers to business-specific queries about setting up and interacting with the system

AI-Powered Chatbot – Mr. Peasy

In July 2023, MRPeasy released a new customer support method for users who are looking for assistance. Their AI-powered chatbot, Mr. Peasy is available to users via the following menu: Settings  Support  Ask Mr. Peasy inside the platform. From our review of Mr. Peasy, it appears that the chatbot is similar in format and function to the popular ChatGPT platform. We found that the chatbot can provide robust answers to general queries and provide direction to further information that can be found in the user guide.


  • Peasy can provide instant responses to users regarding their questions
  • Peasy is a smart AI-powered chatbot that can understand conversational-style inputs
  • Great for pointing a user to more detailed information that can be found in the MRPeasy user guide


  • Peasy can struggle with business-specific queries and is limited to the information that can be found in the user guide
  • Peasy reacts to the wording of queries, meaning there may be instances where the chatbot will misunderstand the question

Support Ticket System

MRPeasy operates a ticket support system that can be accessed by users of the platform. This support method can provide answers to specific questions regarding the functionality of the system, with a typical response time of less than 24 hours. Here users can ask questions under the following titles: Functionality Question, Development Proposal, Error Message, Account & Billing and Other. Evidence can be uploaded with the support ticket that can help provide context to the support team, such as images, files and videos.


  • The ticket support system will provide answers to specific questions that may not be answered by other support methods
  • The ticket support system provides interaction with an individual who understands the details of your queries
  • The answers provided are robust and timely (~ 24 hours)
  • It is possible to provide evidence to the support team to provide additional context to the query


  • The MRPeasy ticket support team can not provide input for business-specific queries
  • Answers are not provided in real-time (though relatively quickly)

MRPeasy Provided Training

MRPeasy can provide training support with one of its internal platform specialists. They can provide organisations with training on the specifics of functionality on the platform via an ad-hoc fee. However, they do not provide business-specific advice, assistance with implementing MRPeasy inside your organisation or assistance with the set-up of their out-of-the-box integrations.


  • Direct interaction with an MRPeasy specialist to understand the functionality of the platform in further depth
  • Ability to ask questions and receive instant responses


  • There are costs associated with the training provided by the MRPeasy specialist
  • The training will not cover business-specific enquiries on how to optimally set up your organisation’s processes with your data inside the MRPeasy platform
  • The training will not assist with the set-up of integrations into other platforms
  • The training will not cover or guide your organisation on how to set up the MRPeasy platform

Authorised Consultant Program

For a personalised approach provided by an MRPeasy specialist that can help to guide your organisation on the planning, set up and implementation of the MRPeasy platform, then an authorised consultant is the way to go. MRPeasy has a list of authorised consultants (of which, Explic8 are one) that have been vetted as having physical locations in their targeted countries, competent full-time consultants and a history of successful MRPeasy implementations.

By using an authorised consultant like us here at Explic8, your organisation will get business-specific advice and consulting, set up and training to ensure your organisation is utilising all efficiencies inside the system to the best of its abilities. You will also gain insight into industry best practices and be provided with the opportunity to work closely with the consultant to ensure a successful implementation with your team.


  • Access to an MRPeasy consultant who can provide expertise in planning, setting up, training users and implementing the MRPeasy platform
  • Access to a consultant who can advise your organisation on industry best practices for efficiently and effectively utilising the MRPeasy platform
  • Additional resources to reduce the demands on your internal team to implement MRPeasy
  • Streamline the implementation of MRPeasy


  • There are costs and expenses associated with bringing onboard authorised consultants
  • Working with a third-party consultant can cause a loss of internal control over the implementation
  • Members of your organisation will need to work closely with the third-party consultant (so it is important to choose the right one!)

In Conclusion

MRPeasy provides its users with a range of customer support tools that are both self serve, direct and authorised through third-party organisations. Each method provides its own unique pros and cons that need to be considered when investigating the correct type of support your organisation needs, be that on whether the query is generic or business-specific, free to access or requiring associated costs. Many organisations have implemented the platform through the resources and customer support provided by MRPeasy, while others have found success by interacting with their authorised consultant program.

Explic8 are an authorised implementation partner of MRPeasy with a proven track record of assisting SME manufacturers with data gathering, planning, facilitation, set-up and training to ensure that each implementation and roll-out is a major success.

If you would like further information on how we formulate our approach to an MRPeasy implementation please see our services page here. If you’re looking to explore MRPeasy as a solution for your organisation, then feel free to reach out to us via our contact form here.

Looking to explore the functionality of MRPeasy at your own pace? You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.