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Maximising Efficiency with MRPeasy: Tips and Tricks

  1. Maximise Functionality

MRPeasy offers four types of licencing to manufacturing organisations that come with tiered levels of functionality – a detailed list for reference can be found here. Each organisation has different levels of requirements through their own individual business processes. When implementing or improving the efficiency of an existing system, the organisation’s system lead or the superuser should be confident in the capabilities of the available functionality.

For example, more advanced functionalities such as multi-site production and storage, barcoding systems, return merchandise authorisation (RMA) and Packaging are available via the Enterprise license of MRPeasy. It is important to understand and map both the physical processes and requirements to the available functionality of the system to find areas of implementation into the platform.

Tip: Delegating internal resources for a system super user of MRPeasy can increase the internal knowledge and implementation of more advanced functionality. It is important to ensure these features are enabled, configured and implemented into the platform in the most efficient way(s) possible.

Tip: When considering the right type of licensing level for the organisation, an element that is often overlooked is the amount of data that the organisation utilises for efficient production planning. Outlined in the Terms and Conditions of MRPeasy, are the data limitations imposed via each licensing level. A table outlining this can be found here.

  1. Naming Conventions and Data Maintenance

When setting up and importing data inside MRPeasy, organisations should seek to ensure there is consistency and familiarity with the naming conventions utilised. This will provide long-term benefits of efficiency for users through easier sorting, selecting and updating of information such as items, bills of materials, routings, customers and vendors.

It is also important to routinely take stock of the data inside the platform and seek to eliminate or archive any legacy information that is being stored. Organisations can set ownership and a regular cadence for this review, which can streamline interactions across the platform by eliminating any opportunities for incorrect data to be available for selection.

For example, if two records for the same customer have been created in error, it is possible that other users of the system may allocate customer orders to the wrong record, reducing the effectiveness of reporting capabilities.

Tip: When setting up items, bills of materials, and routings ensure to use consistent and familiar naming conventions that are agreed upon and trained across the organisation for efficient reference and retrieval

Tip: Seek to periodically review data and where appropriate archive, or remove legacy/duplicate records inside the system to reduce the admin efforts or errors by users

Tip: When updating multiple data points, where possible, seek to utilise the bulk update feature – available on menus such as Items and Purchase Terms, symbolised by a paint roller icon () – or the export/import CSV functionality

  1. Document, Review and Streamline Processes

It is important that the processes within MRPeasy are clearly documented, with clear roles and responsibilities defined across employees. The purpose of these documents is to be referenced in uncertainty by employees, to train those entering into roles and to serve as a baseline for reference in continuous improvement.

When reviewing these processes, it is paramount that the organisation seeks to gain input from those involved in conducting the process. This enables stronger feedback into potential areas of improvement, with the added benefit of identifying potential solutions.

Tip: Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined, with back-up responsibility outlined in times of absence. It is all too common in organisations utilising MRPeasy to have processes sit with a single employee

Tip: Periodically set time to review the documented processes for MRPeasy, and seek to gain feedback from those conducting the process for improvement and to identify any potential solutions that can enhance the efficiency of the process

  1. Seek Integration Wherever Possible

MRPeasy comes with a range of “out-of-the-box” integrations ready to plug and play with a number of commonly utilised CRMs, e-Commerce and accounting platforms. Through these integrations, organisations can reduce admin, automate information flows and enhance functionality across both platforms.

It is also important to note that MRPeasy integrates with Zapier, a workflow automation platform that connects to 5000+ applications. Known as “Zaps” in the Zapier platform, there are two that can be utilised to import a new customer order or update an existing one. So don’t be discouraged if your platform is not immediately listed on MRPeasys standard integrations webpage, it may be possible to connect the systems through Zapier.

Tip: Look to utilise MRPeasy standard integrations where possible to streamline information flows across other commonly utilised platforms by SME manufacturing organisations

Tip: Beyond the MRPeasy listed integrations, it may be possible to set up an integration through Zapier – at the time of writing, Zapier can currently only integrate into the creation of new, or adjustment of existing customer orders

  1. Utilise the Information Available

Throughout the MRPeasy platform, there is a range of reports that can be viewed, monitored and exported to provide real-time feedback on the efficiency of the current system set-up, and processes on the shop floor. By seeking to continuously review and understand this information, the organisation can take a data-driven decision-making approach to continuous improvement efforts to look at tweaking system configurations or physical and virtual processes.

Tip: Many of the reports inside MRPeasy can be exported via PDF or CSV. This can enables data manipulation inside platforms such as Excel

Tip: There is a range of reports available in MRPeasy, normally these are denoted by the Statistics tabs on each menu or via a graph icon () next to line items.

Tip: It is possible to use search operators or Wildcards inside MRPeasy menus that can assist a user with refining and sorting the information that is presented on menus. A list of Wildcards can be found here. Tip: Remember, is it possible to save these wildcards or any other searches by using the Cog Icon () located across MRPeasy.


In conclusion, organisations should seek to ensure efficiency inside their system through the following:

  • Set up to maximise the full suite of functionality available
  • Ensure data is accurate and well-maintained
  • Processes are documented and continuously reviewed with clear responsibilities
  • Integrations are implemented wherever possible
  • Information is continuously reviewed for areas of improvement

On a parting note, there are two more tips and tricks to outline for users of the manufacturing resource planning platform, MRPeasy, which can improve the appearance and enable self-service assistance with the functionality of the platform.

Tip: It is possible to adjust the appearance and colour scheme of MRPeasy from a default blue entitled Nordic to a vibrant and easier-to-navigate colour scheme called Tropic. This can be found in Settings and then inside Usability Settings.

Tip: MRPeasy provides an extensive range of user manuals on the platform which can be found here. It is also possible to interact with an AI-powered chatbot – Mr.Peasy – which can provide answers based on text prompts from users. This can be found in the following menu, Settings, Support and Ask Mr.Peasy.

Explic8 are an authorised implementation partner of MRPeasy with a proven track record of assisting SME manufacturers with data gathering, planning, facilitation, set-up and training to ensure that each implementation and roll-out is a major success.

If you would like further information on how we formulate our approach to an MRPeasy implementation please see our services page here. If you’re looking to explore MRPeasy as a solution for your organisation, then feel free to reach out to us via our contact form here.

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