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How MRPeasy Can Streamline Your Manufacturing Process


Introduction: In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, constructing and optimising production processes is crucial for businesses to stay competitive. Here at Explic8, we have direct experience of how implementing the material resource planning (MRP) solution, MRPeasy, can provide the opportunity for SME manufacturers to gain visibility, control and embark on streamlining their manufacturing processes. In this blog post, we will explore the role of MRPeasy and how it can improve your manufacturing process, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profitability.

  1. Comprehensive Production Planning: MRPeasy offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable effective production planning. Those responsible for production scheduling will gain visibility into stock status, resource allocation, and forward or backwards scheduling based on the current Master Schedule, product routings and the capacity of workstations where production occurs. This visibility will enable the production scheduler to minimise production bottlenecks, optimise the production schedule and increase the ability to ensure timely delivery of products.
  2. Inventory Management: Accurate inventory management is a critical aspect of any manufacturing process. MRPeasy provides robust inventory control functionalities that allow you to track inventory levels across seven status types, manage stock locations, and monitor raw material consumption. By streamlining inventory management, MRPeasy helps you reduce carrying costs, prevent stockouts that can affect production, and improve order fulfilment rates, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.
  3. Real-time Shop Floor Reporting: To enable the ability to maximise efficiency, it is essential to have real-time visibility of the current state of production on the shop floor. MRPeasy offers shop floor reporting through a simplified Internet Kiosk, and the more advanced My Production Plan. This feature allows the monitoring and reporting of production progress, serial numbers, material consumption, and production volume. This real-time information empowers you to identify and address production issues promptly, optimise and evaluate resource allocation, and improve visibility into the day-to-day operations within your manufacturing processes.
  4. Communication, Collaboration and Integration: MRPeasy’s integration capabilities facilitate seamless collaboration and communication between different departments within your organisation. By connecting production planning, inventory management, and other critical functions, you can eliminate silos, improve communication, and foster collaboration. This integrated approach streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency across the manufacturing process. Furthermore, with out-of-box integrations available into popular CRM, e-Commerce and accounting software packages, MRPeasy can improve information flow by removing manual inputs and reporting requirements. (A list of readily available integrations can be found here)
  5. Quality Control and Traceability: Maintaining high product quality is vital for customer satisfaction and brand reputation. MRPeasy offers quality control and stock traceability features, allowing you to monitor quality within your production. By implementing quality checks of finished goods and inbound raw materials, and with MRPeasys default dynamic stock lot tracking of materials, your organisation can be comfortable with the knowledge that any identified quality issues can be accurately identified, reported, and rectified.
  6. Data-driven Decision Making: MRPeasy provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that can enable data-driven decision-making. By capturing and analysing key manufacturing metrics, such as production efficiency, material and labour variance, and individual or departmental efficiency breakdowns, you can identify areas for improvement, optimise processes, and drive continuous growth. The actionable insights from MRPeasy empower you to make informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

Conclusion: In the competitive manufacturing landscape, leveraging the right tools and systems is essential for streamlining operations and achieving sustainable growth. MRPeasy offers an affordable, powerful solution that integrates production planning with real-time reporting, and inventory management within one central digitised platform, providing comprehensive visibility and control over the manufacturing process within your organisation. By implementing MRPeasy, you can optimise resource allocation, minimise production delays, reduce inventory costs, and enhance overall productivity.

How We Can Help: Explic8 are an authorised implementation partner of MRPeasy with a proven track record of assisting SME manufacturers with data gathering, planning, facilitation, set-up and training to ensure that each roll-out is a major success. If you would like further information on how we formulate our approach to an MRPeasy implementation please see our services page here. If you’re looking to explore MRPeasy as a solution for your organisation, then feel free to reach out to us via our contact form here.

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