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Driving real transformation, from your workplace to your C-suite

In a competitive and ever-changing environment, today’s organisations must be efficient, agile and innovative to thrive. Whatever your business goals, Explic8 can deliver and implement a practical, sustainable and strategically-aligned roadmap to achieve them.

We offer specialty expertise across pharmaceutical and medical devices, manufacturing and supply chain management, based on decades of real, lived business leadership experience.

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Medical Devices


Supply Chain

Leveraging our expertise, we’ve helped organisations across the globe to:

Identify and address strategic, operational and tactical obstacles to success

Redefine strategy and business models

Build a culture that inspires and sustains real change

Achieve and maintain compliance in heavily regulated environments

Deliver tangible commercial results, across people, behaviours and processes

Drive financial performance and improve bottom line

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Take your organisation to the next level

Explic8 offers a range of services that can be delivered stand-alone or combined
to create a bespoke solution to your unique business challenges:


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A global view.
Localised solutions.

As a leader, you’re there to steer the ship, not micromanage the crew.
That’s where Explic8 comes in.

We examine your business from a bird’s eye view to identify obstacles, challenges and opportunities.

We then apply this global learning to implement localised solutions across your entire business from your workplace to your C-suite.

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You know your business best. And we know ours.

Our partnership approach harnesses your business knowledge and our deep subject
matter expertise to help you drive your business further.
Our Directors have a collective 140+ years’ experience in delivering commercial
outcomes and they take a hands-on role in every Explic8 engagement.

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Global Business Improvement CEO of the Year 2022
Management Consulting Award 2022
Barclas Entrepreneur Awards 2022


  • Cook Medical

    We developed a partnership with Explic8 which transformed our EU MDR program for the better. The team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the project management field and the medtech space. They understand the importance and magnitude of a regulation change to the medical device industry and how good project management skills can make or break the implementation. They are highly organised, efficient, and supportive, they make you self-sufficient so you to go from strength to strength when they leave.

    Sinead Burke, Vice President Global Regulatory Affairs at Cook Medical
  • Woodscape

    Since Explic8 came to work with us, we have undertaken many changes that have helped the manufacturing processes within the business. We now operate in a leaner fashion, essentially the factory works smarter, not harder. This has all resulted in everyone being keen to keep ideas flowing, and find that next step in our journey, with Continuous Improvement always at the forefront.

  • Genco

    Working with Explic8 accelerated our understanding of MRPeasy and allowed us to fully utilise the functionality of the system. Taking the business to the next level, our systems evolved during implementation - the Explic8 team advised and collaborated with our team to ensure the processes were both relevant and effective. The training was adapted for our new processes and very well-documented for future reference. I would particularly like to praise the Explic8 team leader Harry Ferris, he made potentially dry training days interesting and highly productive. We would not hesitate to use Explic8 to continue to develop our MRPeasy system and feel very well supported for any future eventuality.


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