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Fast Flow Manufacturing Modules

6.1 Fast flow manufacturing in prespective

This module provides an overview of the objectives, core themes, task areas, related issues and approach to implementation for fast flow manufacturing.  The module includes a group-based, participant simulation exercise, which provides an opportunity to apply the principles learned in the overview training.

6.2 Product design

This module highlights the major issues around designing products for ease of manufacture and flexibility of application in the quick to market, intensely competitive world of international branding.

6.3 Process design

This covers the issues related to process configuration, flexibility, material flows, information flows and space utilisation in the modern environment.  Consideration of these elements during process design can bring about shorter manufacturing lead-times.

6.4 Scheduling

This module considers the different methods of scheduling incoming materials, production and out-going finished products. The relationship between fast flow manufacturing and MRP is also explored, providing an insight into the areas where modifications to standard MRP scheduling might be required.

6.5 Set-up reduction

This module provides a detailed understanding of the approach to set-up and changeover time reduction, using techniques of video filming, analysis, brainstorming and problem solving.

6.6 Sales and marketing

This module considers the issues that sales and marketing people must address to ensure that the full benefit can be obtained from implementing fast flow manufacturing in the operational areas.

6.7 Accounting

This covers the changes required in the way that businesses must account for, and measure, performance when operating in a fast flow manufacturing environment.

6.8 Co-operative purchasing

This module explains the concepts of partnerships, shared benefit, long-term relationships and smaller supplier bases, and shows how to set up a Vendor Assurance Programme.

6.9 Cell leader training

This is a comprehensive course covering all the skills and techniques required by Cell Leaders in a fast flow manufacturing environment.  This is a most important module because an FFM programme can succeed or fail based on the performance of the Cell Leaders.

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