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The Challenge

To support the preparation of an IPO, a government owned railway operator wanted to improve its turnaround time for train refurbishment, the average for which was in excess of 90 days and the fastest had been 87 days.

The company loses revenue when the trains are out of service so it was critical to return the trains to service in the fastest possible turnaround times.

The Solution

Explic8 consultants conducted a Lean Assessment, and introduced Lean Manufacturing concepts and disciplines to reduce lead time and achieve productivity improvements.

We utilised the following toolkit:

Cycle time reduction, Supply Chain Management, Vendor Managed Inventory, Visual Factory Management, TPM, SMED and 5S.

The Result

Within three months we had achieved a reduction in turnaround time from the fastest of 87 days to 27 days and targetted 21 days for continuous improvement.

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