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10 Benefits of MRPeasy for Small-scale Manufacturers

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MRPeasy is a cloud-based MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software designed to meet and excel the needs of small-scale manufacturers. The platform has several benefits that can help small manufacturers streamline their production processes, better manage their inventory, and enhance the efficiency of their operations.

Here are 10 key benefits of using MRPeasy:

  1. Visibility of Material & Labour costs for Production

MRPeasy will allocate specific instances of components through stock lot tracking to the production of goods. These stock lots are linked to each instance of production or procurement, allowing the system to accurately track live material costs on an individual manufacturing order basis.

MRPeasy can be utilised to record labour timings and associated costs for the production of goods on the shop floor. Operators can use a range of devices to sign on to manufacturing operations and accurately record the time they required to complete their production step. This provides a range of reports by user, department or workstation as well as accurate labour costing based on the individual operator(s).

  1. Improved Inventory Management

With MRPeasy, small manufacturers can accurately track their inventory levels, including raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. Combined with the procurement module of MRPeasy, organisations can focus on reducing stock-outs through re-order points, critical on-hand and manufacturing requirements reports.

  1. Material Traceability

Another benefit of MRPeasy is the built-in stock lot tracking capabilities, which can trace each instance of material from procurement to production through to the dispatch of goods to customers. This can be reinforced with the Serial Number functionality, which can be further combined with Barcode and Scanning functionality for increased traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

  1. Visualisation of the Master Production Schedule

MRPeasy can enable manufacturers to visualise their master production schedule, which can show planned and in-progress manufacturing orders by workstations and users inside their production operations. It is possible to review the utilisation of workstations and highlights any underutilisation of resources. Users can view the master schedule by manufacturing orders, a calendar view of utilisation or via a Gantt chart outlay of production.

  1. Optimisation of Resources

By utilising material resource planning software such as MRPeasy, the platform will take into consideration the availability of materials, either from stock or supply lead times and combine this with the availability of production resources based on workstations to schedule manufacturing orders for production. MRPeasy can easily calculate the earliest or latest start and finish time for production, which can be further enhanced by inputting the required dates from customer orders.

  1. Cloud-Based Centralised Information System

MRPeasy provides small-scale manufacturers with a centralised platform for handling the end-to-end customer order process. From quotation to order confirmation, through to production scheduling and material procurement to dispatching customer goods. By containing all of the information inside one platform, the team can work more efficiently together and improve collaboration between departments, customers and even suppliers.

Due to MRPeasy being a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), the platform can be accessed from any location, on a wide range of devices where an internet connection exists. This enables the ability for small manufacturers to manage and access their operations remotely, which is especially important in today’s digital age.

  1. Built for Small Manufacturers to Scale

MRPeasy is built to enable organisations to scale efficiently and effectively with their software to capitalise on growth and emerging requirements. With a wide range of features available throughout the different licensing levels, organisations can freely choose to upgrade their access to functionality ensuring that MRPeasy continues to provide value as your company’s operations develop and grow.

  1. Feature Releases Available to All

Customers of MRPeasy can put forward new functionality ideas to the development team of MRPeasy. While all requests are noted, once a feature has been requested by multiple clients, the idea will be placed onto the roadmap of features for release that will become available to all users of the platform. MRPeasy does not operate on a version licensing model, all users receive the same level of functionality based on their license.

  1. Affordable Price Points

MRPeasy is comparatively cheap when compared to other material resource planning solutions available to small manufacturers. Commencing with the Starter licensing priced at £37 per user per month, the system quickly converts to a pricing model of £5.99 per user from the 10 plus user mark.

There are four pricing models available to organisations each with a range of features at differing price points of which further information can be found here.

  1. Built-in Integrations to Popular Software Packages

MRPeasy’s built-in integrations can connect a wide range of powerful eCommerce, CRM and accounting packages that are commonly utilised by small manufacturers. Such as Xero, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Shopify and many more of which a full list can be found here. Combined with its ability to integrate into Zapier, a powerful workflow integration system, MRPeasy can be joined with a huge range of platforms.

For more advanced applications, MRPeasy does offer manufacturers the ability to connect applications and solutions through API integration available on their Unlimited license.


To summarise, MRPeasy is a powerful and affordable option for small-scale manufacturers to benefit from the use of a material resource planning platform to transform their operational processes and production planning capabilities. If you would like further information, then why not reach out to us here at Explic8 – an authorised implementation partner – and get in touch with one of our experienced MRPeasy consultants.

Looking to explore the functionality of MRPeasy? Sign-up for a free 30-day trial here.